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Abigail's HTS Report – 7/22/04 – 8 months old

Yong Ran is cute and developing well both physically and mentally. As an eight-month-old, Yong Ran has learned many skills such as clapping hands to greet people, nodding her head meaning “yes,” and sometimes wrinkling her nose at me as if playing. She is so adorable. She is very fond of toys. She fondles the little eyes on the toy or chews on the tail of the toy fish. Sometimes she plays so hard that her drool is all over the carpet. Once when she discovered the different reflections in the mirror, she stared in looking from right to left, her eyes chasing after the kids in the mirror and looked so confused. She still looks confused by this mirror business every time she looks at it.

Yong Ran has good strength and can sit, stand, and crawl all on her own. She rolls around when she gets tired of sitting. She can hold herself up with her arms stretching out to support her weight on the floor and play while resting at the same time. Yong Ran throws big fits crying aloud when she is hungry or sleepy. As soon as we satisfy her needs, she can calm down immediately.

Abigail at 8 months of age

Abigail's HTS Report – 4/22/04 – 5 Months Old

Yong Ran is an outgoing baby. She has a round face and beautiful hair. She smiled at me when we first met. I fell in love with her at that moment.

I like to carry her in my arms, kiss her on her cheek, and pat her on her behind. I talk with her sometimes, and she will always make the sound “oh, oh” to respond to me.

Yong Ran is a healthy child. She is too young to practice sitting and standing, but her leg and arm can move and extend easily. Occasionally, she can roll over with my help.

Now Yong Ran recognizes my face. She will smile to me every time I stand by her bed. What a cute baby!

Abigail at 5 months