Goodbye and Hello!

All right…we’re off.

Our trip to the consulate went well this morning. In fact, we had a nice surprise after swearing to the authenticity of Abbie’s papers – her visa was already completed. We were planning on a short wait for her entry visa (just this afternoon) but it was nice to get it in hand anyway. Why not have all the papers we need, right? So now we’re all packed and ready to head off to the airport in a little over five hours.

As I reflect back on our two week journey to meet our daughter, I am so thankful for the grace God has given us. In Abbie. In Jackson. In one another. In our family. In all our friends back home. In the new friends we’ve made on foreign soil. And finally in the CHI family and Li Na our coordinator. I guess this is the most important lesson that could have been reinforced for me. God is ever-present with his abundant grace; sometimes it’s hard to discern (like when Abbie was inconsolable in the middle of many nights) but I know that it’s always there, sustaining us.

I’m also thankful for what I’ve learned about China. The people here are so kind on the whole. While it’s not yet ready for prime time, I’ve compiled a wealth of information on China to include in the book that we’ll make for Abbie. In its pages will be a (quick) history of her country of origin and information on her ethnic group as well as her home province and city. That, together with the photos I’ve taken and the words I’ve written while here, should be create a good memory for her. I hope so.

Finally, I am thankful for the growth in my heart toward those in this world who are orphans. Outside of Abbie (our gift from heaven), there is another little girl here who sticks in my heart and makes it soft toward the “alone ones.” If you’ll recall, I included a shot of a little one at the Chuzhou Welfare Institute. She was in Abbie’s group, and appeared to me to be the only one left behind, unadopted.

As is often the case in my life, I pressed the shutter release (this time on my camera, often times in my mind) and passed over a moment without a second thought. As it turns out, I wish I would have spent a moment with her, instead of taking her picture. You see, I learned later that there were originally going to be eight families adopting in our group, instead of the seven that actually went. When the eighth family received their referral, they rejected it (rejecting her) and resubmitted for a younger child. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t say this to blame at all – their decision was right for them. But in reality, that decision changed that little girl’s future. From what I understand, there will most likely not be another chance for her. She’s alone and will stay that way as 95% of orphans in China do (at least that was the stat we’ve heard while here)…and in turn another found a home. All this makes me believe that the decisions we make have a real impact that last and last.

While not all of us are called to adopt (or adopt again), perhaps we can all pitch in to support work to make orphans’ lives better. CHI has a foundation doing this. And there are many other organizations working on their behalf as well. One right here in Guangzhou is A Gift from China which supports The Good Rock Foundation. Another organization, Half the Sky, has been active in improving orphanage faciliites and even improved the play area and nutrition at Abbie’s orphange. So, there are lots of ways to get involved, many more than I’ve highlighted here. If nothing else, please remember to pray for the “alone ones” as an application of the story we create with God and others.

Well, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Abbie just came to me for a hug anyway, time for her nap… Okay, she’s down (it reads more quickly than it actually happened, but went really well). I guess I should close this down and pack up our computer so that I don’t disturb her.

So I guess this is “Goodbye” from China which is really the beginning of our “Hello” back home. After our 13 hour China Southern flight across the Pacific (flight 327), we’ll hop on Alaska Air (flight 211) from LAX to PDX. So…if all the connections work fine… The next words you hear from us will be words of celebration and homecoming! Celebration in seeing you again (and especially you, Jackson) and homecoming for a girl who is no longer an alone one.

Can’t hardly wait!

ADDENDUM (February 2, 2005):
CHI is so great! After reading the note about the little one left behind, Marge Seaman (our stateside adoption consultant) did some checking for us. She discovered that her name is Chu Yong Xuan and she was born July 1, 2005. She also discovered that the CCAA did end up placing her with another family!!!

Here’s the note from Marge:
I asked Karolyn in St. Louis to follow-up to find out if the 8th child from your group had been placed with another family. She has found her forever home and will be leaving the orphanage soon. Thank you for such kind, thoughtful words Reed – I just wanted you to know the outcome. I hope all of you are getting along just great – Abbie is a beautiful child and such a wonderful addition to your family. Blessings, Marge

Such good news for her and her family!

Abbie looking over her passport and visa.

“Yep, looks okay.” Lets go!

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