Abbie and I departed Hefei early this morning, and Michael sent us off well prepared for our full day of three flights. We were again greeted by wonderful Julia in the Beijing airport! She wanted to make sure we navigated the huge place smoothly (we had to check in again after collecting our luggage, and the system is a bit different there). SO thoughtful! We enjoyed talking over milkshakes and catching her up on what we had done since last seeing her. 🙂

Our big 777 left about an hour late from Beijing due to a change in the runway (?). That meant we had a very tight connection once in Vancouver 10 hours later. We cleared immigration and US customs and ran to our gate. We made it in time, thankfully, and we were in Portland less than an hour later. It’s so good to be home after sharing this amazing experience together. We have a lot to keep pondering, discussing, and journaling…from homeland tour to home…I’m very grateful for it all.

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