We have arrived…

We are settled into our hotel in Beijing after a very long day of flying. Things went smoothly (Air Canada was great!) though we were starting to lose hope in my suitcase arriving with us. Finally it did. Julia from Children’s Hope International was among the sea of people waiting outside customs, and we soon found our driver and made our way through the heavy Sunday traffic. Julia is very sweet and smiley, and she was impressed with Abbie’s Chinese speaking skills already. We found an ATM and picked up a few provisions at the Carrefour market down the street (photo taken along the way). Beijing is much warmer and greener than when Reed and I were here in January of 2005, and the air quality seems good today. Abbie said it sort of feels like a dream to be here…we are both very excited for our day of site-seeing tomorrow!  


2 thoughts on “We have arrived…”

  1. It’s good to see your smiling faces… IN China!! I’m looking into a trip for our family for next summer. I’ll have to learn all I can from you two!! So glad you’re sharing with us…


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