Rugby report

Please feel free to skip this if you don’t care about a rugby report. 🙂 I must admit, I’m kinda getting into this sport. I wonder if one of our satellite channels carries rugby matches (Reed, please investigate and let me know)? Anyway, I am pleased to say that SA beat England Saturday night, 22-17. It was quite exciting, especially when watching with local fans, Sheila & Binci. Yes, once again a few “yum, yum, yum” comments were made about some players (not by me!).

In the TV photos, you’ll see that I thought the final score was going to be 22-12 (they play to around 80ish minutes), but then England scored another “try” after the “hooter” (the name for a horn here) to take them to 17. The guy at the end with the bloodied eye is the SA captain, from the Cape Town Stormers (a local hero), Jean de Villiers. He always seems to look like that after a match (as do others). It is pretty brutal…our super-padded & helmeted NFL players are kind of wimpy next to these rugby guys with no protective gear. And, I’ve heard soccer players referred to as “sissies” by rugby fans!

SA and England play each of the next two Saturdays, both in SA (first in Joburg, then in Port Elizabeth), so I’m glad I’ll get to take in two more matches. Even better, I will get to share the one on the 23rd with my family! Go Springboks! 😉

One thought on “Rugby report”

  1. I did a little searching and I don’t think we can get rugby matches on our regular channels. I think we could grab feeds from ustream (which is kind of a bootleg video service that I’ve never tried) but the quality is going to be iffy I think. The other option would be to try and find some pub that carries feeds of rugby games, but I’m not sure there are any. Hmmm…Glad you’re liking the matches while you’re over there at least :)!


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