Not much to report

I slept more warmly last night after asking for another blanket. The air temperature is not frigid by any means (maybe in the 60s during the day?), but without much heat source inside these concrete homes, it is chilly inside. My small bathroom has a good hot shower, so that helps (though I am cursed with stinky towels…not sure how to graciously fix that). Sheila did some laundry for me yesterday and it is air-drying. I would rather do it myself, but I think it’s something she is expected to do as part of her payment for being a host.

Our first dinner together was nice…roasted chicken and vegetables. Breakfasts are just cereal and coffee (instant; having it as I type), so I hope to eat more simply than I have been throughout Kruger and Swaziland! If you’ve been before, you know how well we are fed, which is one of the many ironies when in Swaziland.

Mrs. Sheila Sloane has some strong (political/social) opinions and is a bit rough around the edges (I’ve heard a few curse words), so I think we are quite different (also no evidence of a belief in God). She is a British immigrant who came here as a young adult in 1970. She has been widowed twice, and has three grown children from her first husband. She has worked has a secretary and antiques broker. Today she is having things around the house serviced…lock on gate, plumbing for dishwasher, gardener, and the “mouse man” is here now, so I guess I had better be on the lookout for Mickey. 🙂

Speaking of locks, the security in Cape Town is amazing. Every house has a locked gate, decorative bars on the windows, alarm systems, and a combination of locks that makes your head spin. I have a set of four keys and I’m hoping I can get myself in and out if Sheila is away. I was unsuccessful with the gate lock yesterday when I returned, but thankfully I could call her by intercom and she let me in. That is why the locksmith is coming today I guess. Brenda at GHS said she is from Zambia and they don’t have such locks/gates there. I said we don’t either, but confessed that we had been robbed, so maybe we should have! All that to say I am safe and sound here…no need to worry.

After coffee, I will walk to GHS and then set about to get some things done there. I hope to be successful in the classroom technology department, and then I will post this, catch up on email, and try to upload more pictures from Mhlosheni…maybe the connection will be better today. I plan to get a few groceries on my walk home, and try to swap out my sim card so I will have a local number and can easily call should I need assistance.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures of the mountain… Sheila said people here are very fond of their mountain. 🙂 There is also a picture of Sheila outside her home, as well as Brenda in front of GHS.

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