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Super-host-mom, Sabine

Well, I finally got a quick pic of Sabine (say “Sa-bean-a”), the host mom of Courtney, Jennifer, Crystal, & Kym. As you’ll see, she has a twinkle in her eye and a warm smile…every time I’ve seen her she has shared her friendly expression. She often is zipping around in her little car, delivering girls here-and-there, including her own two young daughters. Courtney and I were walking from the school to the main shopping area yesterday when – *poof* – out of nowhere, there was Sabine, ready to take Courtney home. Perhaps she also has angels’ wings.

Today the students are at their practicum sites. I will do some grading and head in to the school for awhile. I’m also on a quest for a large wall-map of South Africa. We’ll see if I get lucky and find one. I may return to a street vendor I talked with a week or so ago and purchase a SA flag he has for R50 as well. I’m not sure what I’ll do with either a map or a flag, but they seem like good souvenirs of my time here. I had been to SA several times prior to this trip, but with such an extended stay this time around, I have learned much about this lovely country, and I think I would look fondly upon a map and flag of it (& they’re easy to pack!).

This is the last weekend before our program ends, so the girls are free to make plans to get in the remaining site-seeing they’d like to do. I have heard talk of seeing butterflies and sharks (though not concurrently), so I am already looking forward to hearing the stories on Monday. Tomorrow I will take in the rugby match with Sheila and Binci, and go along on whatever other local outings are planned.

By the way, my wifi hot spot at the mall didn’t work the last time I tried, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post again before Monday. If not, I’ll “talk” with you then…

P.S. Five days until I am reunited with my family…after 35 days apart, 5 sounds pretty awesome! Jackson & Abbie, I’ll see you very soon and give you the biggest hugs ever (you too, Reed)!


Home stay switcheroo

A brief report this Saturday from my coffee shop hot spot at the Cavendish Mall…Jen and Kym had a few issues arise at their home stay this week that left them feeling unwelcome. 🙁 The GHS staff supported us in switching their home stay Friday. I went along to oversee the transition, and I found their host mom to be a bit chilly, and even kind of pouty (probably hosting students from other countries isn’t the best fit for her, just sayin’).

I am happy to report that they now reside with Courtney and Crystal and the “home stay hostess with the mostest” Sabine (and her husband, Yul, two young daughters, the girls’ grandpa, Erica the maid, and two [?] dogs). I hope and pray this works out for the remaining two weeks…I think it will be far better than where they were. When I SMS’d them last night, they sounded good. My host, Sheila, has offered up her spare room too, so it’s good to know we have options and nice people here to help us. We appreciate your continued prayers…despite all the “girls” having very good coping skills, this is still quite a stretching experience!

The rain continued off and on much of Friday, but today is looking better, though still some showers. I went with Sheila and another friend, Donna, to the shops at Kalk Bay and lunch toward Simon Town…it was a nice outing. Tonight I will be watching the big rugby match between South Africa and England…go Springboks!!! I look forward to seeing the girls tomorrow for our Hermanus whale-watching adventure…