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In Cape Town at last

As you can see by the dates, the Team Mueller blog hasn’t been updated for nearly seven years. I guess we’re not a family that blogs together (thankfully, we do lots of other things together). 🙂 My time away in South Africa and Swaziland seemed like a good time to once again pick up blogging. I don’t promise anything all that eloquent, but rather a way to feel connected with family and friends while we are separated by nearly 10,000 miles for almost six weeks (gulp).

I am currently flying from Swaziland to South Africa, typing as I fly. I hope to be able to post at least semi-regularly once I’m settled into my teaching location, Good Hope Studies (GHS), in Cape Town. They allegedly have Wifi M-F, 8a-5p, or thereabouts, so I will post as best as I can (no Wifi at my home stay). I hope it is a good process both ways…and I hope it is especially good for Jackson and Abbie!


Nearly midnight now, and I just got settled in to my home stay with Ms. Sheila Sloane (see pics). She is a lovely hostess already, offering me a welcome hug. 🙂 Her home is modest as far as I can tell, and my quarters are quite suitable (lots of cupboards and drawers for my things instead of suitcases). I have a bed, of course, extra blankets (it is winter here after all), and a small, private bath. It should do just fine for the next month or so.

Sheila said we’ll go to the center tomorrow (i.e., GHS) where I’ll be teaching come Monday. She’ll also show me around the neighborhood, and we’ll do an errand at South Africa’s equivalent of the DMV (she was informed that, while in England, her photo she submitted wasn’t suitable…this caused her to be unable to rent a car in England, a real inconvenience). Seems like DMV annoyances are universal. I was happy to hear we don’t have to “go the way of the sparrow”; a British phrase meaning we won’t be departing early in the morning. 🙂 I think I have a lot to learn here…

By the way, the GHS driver, Stanford, was at the airport as planned and quickly got me to Sheila’s. He also seemed nice and welcoming. So far, so good in Cape Town…I’m looking forward to seeing it in the daylight!