Learning Lots & Savoring Moments

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent by students working at their placement sites: the Ihata Shelter and Heideveld Clinic. It is hard to believe there is only one more day at these places. Some students have commented on how they’d like to have more time serving there. We wrote cards of thanks today and will deliver small tokens of our gratitude tomorrow. This really is a special bunch of young adults!

We met after the placements each day at what has come to be known as “Café Oliver.” In addition to talking about experiences at the placements, home stays, and life in Cape Town, Wednesday included playing Catan.

I am pleased to report that the new homestay is working out well for the students who went through that ordeal. They get to learn a bit about life here through the eyes of the 8-year-old boy and his dog who reside there. I will return to Good Hope Studies to deliver a letter they wrote to their former hosts explaining their experience. It seems like very important feedback, and I appreciate the students caring about future guests in their home by doing this. Like I said, a special bunch!

I also was able to book a return visit to Langa Township to accompany our student who was ill when we visited on Monday. (That’s where the cool elephant art is.) Thankfully, after going to the doctor yesterday and getting meds to treat a sinus infection, she is on the mend. We are in such good hands here in Cape Town, for which I am very grateful! It is a lot for families to send off their dear ones to such a far-away place. I hope any worries of safety have dissipated by now. We all are doing well, learning lots, and savoring each moment as our time is moving along.


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