Another day, another wall

This morning, Abbie and I toured the old city wall at Xi’an. It’s about 8 miles around, so needless to say, we did not walk atop the entire thing. It was enjoyable to stroll along and talk with Anna about the history of the wall, as well as other topics about the Chinese culture and way of life. We viewed the drum tower and the bell tower, still in use today to mark the time. Next we visited the Muslim market, a pedestrian street lined with bright signs and food shops. We tasted a local sesame peanut candy and admired the diverse offerings, both by sight and smell (check out the peppers!).

We hopped back into our van to go to the airport. Anna took us through the check-in process and right to the security gate. We hugged goodbye and went through the efficient system. We got noodles for lunch, and now we sit at our gate with a 40-minute delay to Chengdu. Hopefully it won’t increase, and we will soon be on our way!

Update: We arrived in Chengdu about 90 minutes late and our guide, Kevin, was there to greet us. We made our way to the hotel easily, and we are looking forward to exploring another new city!

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