Tuesday's Happenings

Tuesday was a nice family day in Dublin. We departed for lunch around 2:00 after gaming (kids) and blogging (adults) in the morning while enjoying coffee and tea. Speaking of blogging, we are also posting Concordia updates that will show up on our Team Mueller page (in addition to the Concordia Psychology Department FaceBook page). Sorry if you were confused by different, yet similar, posts from the same day.

For lunch, we headed to The Duke, one of the many (MANY!) pubs in our neighborhood. Reed and Abbie had gone on our first night in Dublin and wanted to share it with Jackson and me. We had a reasonably priced lunch for about €30 (yes, that seems to be reasonably priced for here!). We got sandwiches, salads, and our go-to Dublin drinks (R=Guinness, E=Kilkenny, J=Coke, A=ginger ale in cute little green bottles). Next we headed to a place we learned about from our tour guide, Sean, to get Italian hot chocolates for the kids and espressos for us. It didn’t quite live up to our expectations based on his hype, but oh well.

The boys returned to Trinity and the girls had a lovely afternoon exploring Grafton Street. If you “search it up” (as Abbie says), you will find images of the over-crowded pedestrian street lined with high-end shops and street performers. Abbie LOVED it. (It sure doesn’t take much to entertain that girl, a characteristic we really appreciate!) We did a little souvenir shopping, though I kept it brief as this is NOT the place to find good deals. We spent some time in a tourism office looking at all the information…again, Abbie loved it. I’m sure the girls will have to do this another day as it was a very pleasant way to spend a few hours. We ended with a cold drink from Burger King, mostly to make change to use at the Trinity launderette, where I sit as I write this (€4 for a wash!). We heard from three students that their service placements went well today; we will get more updates tomorrow. Reed will hold class in our apartment tomorrow evening, so we are looking forward to touching base with them.

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