Abigail's HTS Report – 10/21/04 – 11 months old

Yong Ran is (almost) 1 year old and she is lively. She can sit, stand, and crawl. If I hold her hand, she can walk around to play. Now I am training her to walk alone. I have already taught her so many things like playing different kinds of toys and games like clapping her hands for welcome, waving hands to say good-bye. She can put the toy to her ear to hear its sound. She can talk to herself in the mirror. If Yong Ran is hungry or sleepy, she can let me know using her hands to help explain and babbling to me. She is really bright. Yong Ran is quite attached to me. If she sees me, she will come to me in her baby walker and hold my clothes to let me hug her. When I hold her in my arms, a bright sunny smile will appear on her face.


Abigail at 11 months old (this photo was taken about a one and a half weeks before we received her referral notification)

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