Cape Town Welcome, Part 2

After fun at the waterfront (check out Kaelyn & Aysia jamming with the musicians!), we headed to Gold for our multi-course meal. We enjoyed tasting foods from various parts of Africa, and the entertainment was amazing too (check out Mo dancing!). Our djembe drumming skills are coming along nicely, I’d say! When we walked outside of Gold, there was a light rain falling. Even though this means our Table Mountain plan for tomorrow may be disrupted, it is much needed and was a comfort to us all.

Cape Town Welcome!

We are having a great tour of Cape Town today! William did a nice walking tour downtown where we began our learning about apartheid. We enjoyed a stroll through Victoria Garden and are relaxing at the waterfront as I write this. In a while we will have our multi-course welcome meal at Gold. All is well!

Safe & Sound

Everyone arrived safely in Cape Town, and we have settled into our accommodations (home stays in Rondebosch for the students & a “flatlet” in Observatory or “Obs” for me). Today we have our orientation at VACorps with Oliver, and then it’s time for some site-seeing with William. I hope to post some good photos of the group tonight, but here’s one of me (and Audrey) ready for the day!

Heading back to Cape Town

Just a quick picture before I fly out to Cape Town. Having lunch at PDX with Abbie and Reed. Jackson is taking his last AP test of his Junior year. Bon voyage!


Abbie and I departed Hefei early this morning, and Michael sent us off well prepared for our full day of three flights. We were again greeted by wonderful Julia in the Beijing airport! She wanted to make sure we navigated the huge place smoothly (we had to check in again after collecting our luggage, and the system is a bit different there). SO thoughtful! We enjoyed talking over milkshakes and catching her up on what we had done since last seeing her. 🙂

Our big 777 left about an hour late from Beijing due to a change in the runway (?). That meant we had a very tight connection once in Vancouver 10 hours later. We cleared immigration and US customs and ran to our gate. We made it in time, thankfully, and we were in Portland less than an hour later. It’s so good to be home after sharing this amazing experience together. We have a lot to keep pondering, discussing, and journaling…from homeland tour to home…I’m very grateful for it all.

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